Monday, June 25, 2012

ASMM signs "The General" Van Wyc Povey from South Africa

"The General" Van Wyc Povey

ASMM has signed Van Wyc Povey over the weekend. He is known by "The General" coming from the command he takes in his performance in the ring over his opponents. Povey recently moved here from South Africa where he was known in the Muay Thai competition community.

His record though stated as 1-1 in MMA according to his Sherdog record has extensive experience in competition on the professional level, turning professional in his Muay Thai career at the age of 16.

Standing 6' 6" and historically fighting at heavyweight and light heavyweight, he hopes to move into the middleweight class for his career in MMA here in the U.S. He will be fighting under the newly resurrected K-1 banner in the late summer or early fall.

Povey currently trains at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California under the guidance of USA Muay Thai Coach, Kirian Fitzgibbons. Within continuing with improvement in his already formidable stand-up game, he working in focus on his ground game. Povey's wrestling instruction is reported to be improving by the week holding his own with fellow Division 1 NCAA class athletes.

"I felt that he was a prospect that couldn't be passed up when I learned that he was coming to the USA with an already rounded skill-set and his international experience in the professional muay-thai and kick-boxing arena. Given his size, skill-set, determination and commitment to wanting to be a future force in MMA, it all seemed to make sense. He is with a highly regarded camp and coach at CSA, so I felt that all the people were in place to make that happen. Although we have an elite roster of female MMA athletes, we're not at all opposed to continuing to sign great men in that have a goal to make their MMA career a priority." 

Van Wyc states that he is very excited and motivated to get right into competition and fight in any promotion that he can perform in. 

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