Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lisa Ellis Explains what Caused Her Cut at Invicta 1

Lisa Ellis had this to say about her fight against Jessica Penne. This is taken from the Fighter Girls Forum.

"In the first round she poked my eye. It was scratch from my pupil to the edge of my eye. Huge red scratch for over a month. Unintentional...but still crappy. The 3rd round I also DID NOT take a knee that broke my nose. It was her head that smashed my nose over and broke it. It was 100% from her head. She does it a lot in her fights. She leads with her head and drops it it down and comes up. Watch the fight from Japan. I dont think she does it on purpose but in no way shape or form did she win that fight because of her damaging me legally. The refs were terrible and i think it should have stopped after she blasted me with her head. That was a devistating blow and it changed the outcome of that fight. Jessica and I put on a great show and its too bad what happened. I want a re match!!!!!! That was crap!"

I rewatched the fight and it looks like Penne's knee doesn't get near enough to cause the cut. Also Ellis has a point in that Penne seems to rush in with her head down. Still it was a great fight and Ellis more than deserves another chance in Invicta. That's a fight I would love to see again, somewhere down the line.

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Source: Fighter Girls Forum

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