Thursday, June 7, 2012

Will Results From The Ultimate Women Challenge Fights Ever Be Released?

We began covering the debaucle that was the Ultimate Women Challenge Reality show as far back as January 2011. 17 months have passed since we began our investigation, and the results of the six fights which took place in St. George, Utah at the Dixie Center on September 24, 2010 have yet to be released.
Bill Colbert, director of the Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission, asked the commission for permission to release the results. He let me know via e-mail that the commission authorized him to release the bout results subsequent to a final review by the commission’s attorney.
How long will this process take? Colbert has no idea. It depends on the schedule of the commission attorney, who may or may not be on a two-week vacation which won’t be interrupted to release the results of a bout which took place one year, eight months and 11 days ago.
When and if the results from the four bouts are officially released (if anyone even cares anymore), we’ll let you know so we can finally put this story to rest. Until then, the wait continues.

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