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Women Fight Back with Emma Smith

Women Fight Back with Emma Smith
 A growing number of UK MMA promotions regularly feature at least one female bout on the cards. With an ever increasing number of talented fighters representing the sport, what better way to celebrate than with the UK's first ever female only fight card.

The event will showcase some of the best pro and amateur WMMA fighters on the scene right now and also feature UFC trained referees Danielle Curzon, Kim Winslow and Michelle Drake Browning.

Rach McMillan got the chance to talk to Emma "Aphorodite" Smith who's involvement and passion for the sport inspired her to organise "Woman Fight Back' as a way of celebrating the female fighter and raising awareness for a charity that is close to her heart, "victim support for women."

Hi Emma, have you been a fan of Women's MMA for a long time?

I went to my first cage fighting show a year ago and was hooked instantly; I think it's great that women are fighting more and more now.

Do you have any experience in martial arts yourself?

None whatsoever but I love watching it and everything about it! I would be useless in the cage, think I will stick to running the ring girls.

What was the inspiration behind the event?

I along with a lot of the ladies who are involved in the show went through a very rough time a few years ago in my marriage. Victim support were amazing to me, and helped me so much, myself and the ladies who are appearing on the show wanted to do something to give something back to the charity that works so hard helping people. It is a very controversial event for the charity involved, but the name "women fight back" is aimed to show that women can indeed fight back too, and can be strong.

How is the organising going so far, any sneak preview on who will be headlining the show?

The organising has been great, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of support we have had from fighters, presenters, photographers, even some of the male fighters offering to be ring boys.
We have Stacey Hayes interested in fighting, the lovely Rachel McMillan, and Kristy Davis who fought on our own show on Saturday. We also have some of our ring girls, Michaela Parker who owns "fight medics UK" wanting to get in the cage for a k1 fight, so it’s going to be great.

How can people get involved in fund raising for the charity?

We welcome anyone who would like to be involved in the show. Whether it’s behind the scenes, production, fighting, any services are welcome. The offers of help have been truly amazing. We could quite like to do an auction of memorabilia at the event to raise more money for the charity.

Who is your favourite WMMA fighter?

I have to say, I saw Kirtsy Davis fight on CSMMA in Guildford on Saturday and she was absolutely amazing, 28 second knock down which is awesome. She certainly made an impact on me and a lot of the guests at the show, definitely one to watch out for.

Women fight back is set to take place on August 25th at the new Fight Science gym in Aldershot, Hants. 

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