Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alexis Davis, Invicta Fight Chick, Sporting Blue Gi Bottoms for Sexy Photo Session: Fan's Look

Canadian fighter, Alexis Davis (11-5-0) is prepared to face Japanese MMA fighter, Hitomi Akano (18-9-0) at Invicta Fighting Championships 2 on Saturday, July 28th, streaming live and free online starting at 6 pm in Kansas City, Kansas (7 pm ET).
Alexis Davis was last seen battling former Strikeforce champion, Sarah Kaufman in a slugfest (on the Tate-Rousey card) that left Kaufman the winner and next in line to face current Strikeforce champion, Ronda Rousey on August 18th on Showtime.
Sporting the blue GI for her photo session
Based on her comfort level in front of the camera and her willingness to share her sexy side with fans on Twitter and Facebook, it looks to me like Alexis Davis is giving up quietly waiting for her next shot to earn contender status. She's demonstrating that she can handle the spotlight like a champ.
Taking a page from the Showtime Sports promotional video for the Strikeforce Tate vs Rousey fight back in March, Alexis tweeted some photos of herself wearing make-up, with her hair down and wearing her blue gi bottoms.
Looks like she's sending a message that she can handle what happens inside of the cage as well as outside. @AlexisDavisMMA: "Thank you to @domfightgear Sporting the blue GI for my pics, well at least the bottoms, lol. pic.twitter.com/G0xhywo7 and pic.twitter.com/YWChuIO7 and http://pic.twitter.com/bK0tWP3B "

Invicta FC 2 - Trailer [Fan Video Contest] video
Now, Alexis needs to handle her business with Hitomi by defeating her at Invicta FC 2. Hitomi's professional MMA record includes wins over Carina Damm, Roxanne Modafierri and Hiroko Yamanaka. She lost to Cris "Cyborg Santos", Sara McMann (who is headlining Invicta FC2) and--a second fight with Yamanaka.
To watch Alexis in action against Hitomi, mark your calendar now.
How does Alexis think Sarah Kaufman will do against Ronda Rousey?
In her blogtalkradio interview with Fist-ta-cuff radio, Alexis mentioned that she would like to rematch Sarah Kaufman and that she intends to fight Ronda Rousey someday.
Alexis has unfinished business with Sarah Kaufman--she'd like to have another chance to defeat her. "Sarah Kaufman will always be in the back of my mind, especially after having such a close fight with her. She comes to bang and I come to bang. I know what I need to work on and she knows what she needs to defend against."
But in the meantime, Sarah is facing Ronda Rousey, who is defending her title for the first time. Sarah is determined to regain the Strikeforce championship belt.
Several times, Alexis sent her fight predictions to me to be included in the "Picks from Fight Chicks" series here on Yahoo! Sports.
Here's her prediction for Kaufman vs Rousey: "That's gonna be a tough fight...each one has different strong points. She can't stand with Sarah. If she tries to stay on the feet or if she tries to get a take down, she's gonna get knocked out or TKO'd. Sarah is not an easy person to stop. If Ronda can get in a judo throw and get her down on the ground--and if she can stay on top of Kaufman--then she can get the victory. I don't think this one will end in the first round...Sarah is not an easy person to take down. I think Ronda has her work cut out for her."
So does Alexis (age 27), who will challenge Hitomi Akano (age 37).
Source: Twitter, Facebook, Fist-ta-cuff radio interview with Alexis Davis, Sherdog.com

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