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Alexis Davis: Ready for WAR at Invicta FC July 28th – Breaking Sports NEWS

Exclusive Interview by Marc Anthony
Ring Side Report

“I think 99% of the women fighters; we don’t like to mess around. You’re not going to find too many women fighters that are going to sit there and stare at each other for the first minute and half of the fight. We’re going to bang and you are always going to be entertained.” — Alexis Davis
Cesar Gracie trained Alexis Davis, 11-5, 2KO’s & 5 submissions, is showcasing her skills at Invicta FC on July 28th at Memorial Hall Kansas City, KS. As the Co-Main event, for a stacked all Females Fight Card she faces Hitomi Akano who has fought some of the top female fighters around the globe.
Tickets are limited and can be purchased at Ticketmaster: Invicta Fighting Championships 2: Women’s Pro MMA July 28th Memorial Hall Kansas City, KS show starts at 06:00 PM
Alexis sits with RSR and shares her insights on her upcoming must win fight and the state of Women’s MMA.
MA: What are your thoughts on your opponent?
I know Hitomi has been in the game for a long time and she is a veteran of the sport. I have a lot of respect for her and I have a lot of respect for her skills. She has great Jiu- Jitsu; and is good at transitioning into positions. Her Judo techniques are something that I have been training a lot for. Being able just to fight her, and being the Co-Main event for Invicta is an honor.
MA: You are both coming off losses. Does that make it for a potential all-out fight?
I think that we are both trying to prove ourselves, trying to get ourselves back into the game. I am really looking to kind of redeem myself.
MA: Are you still teaching?
Actually having come out to California I haven’t taught in a while.
MA: Looking to get back to teaching?
Yes, it’s a good way to kind of keep your mind fresh and kind of go over things and reiterate things for yourself by teaching other people. I love teaching. I have had a couple of opportunities here, but I am trying to wait till after my fight.
MA: Do you feel being an instructor has kept you up to date in the ever evolving fight game?
Yes, for sure, teaching helps you remember to do moves and positions better, because you are saying it over and over in your mind which helps you to remember certain details.
MA: Is it a hard transition to go back in forth from instructor to fighter?
You know it’s not except when it comes to time. It’s hard to run a facility and to be a fighter just because they both take up so much time. To be a fighter, you have to focus on yourself and that’s a hard thing when you are a teacher. It’s not too bad when you have classes here and there. I give fighters a lot of credit that have their own business, gym, dojo and they fight as well because sometimes it’s hard to just stay focused on just one thing and when you have two things? That’s your life there.
MA: Are you pleasantly surprised at how well Invicta All-Women’s MMA has been received?
Being only their second card it’s got a lot of praise. Even the amount of viewers from the first card and this one it seems to be even bigger. I am not really surprised at all because their putting the top female fighters on this card. It’s not just showcasing one or two good fighters, this entire card is jam packed and plus you have a lot of new up an comers.
MA: Any friends fighting on this card?
I am training out here with Sara and she has a fight against Vanessa Porto. Women’s MMA is kind of a tight knit group. Everybody kind of met somebody along the way.
MA: Fighting friends, does that make it hard to have to go all out or rewarding that you are paid?
It’s rewarding and it comes down to the fighter. We kind of laugh, some fighters won’t fight their friends. We all are kind of friendly to each other, but they’re not someone that is probably going be in their wedding party, but I will fight them. I can go out and chill out with and hang out them, but I will still fight her the next day. This is a business when it comes down to it.
MA: You have some very solid sparring partners.
Oh yeah, it’s great being out in California. I have never had so many female sparring partners before. It’s good! I love sparring with the guys, but obviously women are different. We have different body types, different strengths and different weaknesses. It really has helped up my game, especially my stand up. I think I showed some improvement with the Kaufman fight and every time it’s going get better and better.
MA: What are the strengths that women MMA fighters have over men?
It kind of depends on the fighter or the weight division. I think 99% of the women fighters; we don’t like to mess around. You’re not going to find too many women fighters that are going to sit there and stare at each other for the first minute and half of the fight. We’re going to bang and you are always going to be entertained.
MA: Do you think that is a common mistake male MMA fighters kind of do in particular when they feel they are winning a fight, back down on the peddle?
I think it depends on the event, I was talking about this with someone the other day and we were saying like when you get to the UFC for example. You are fighting so hard to get into the UFC, once you get in there, then you’re just fighting to stay. So, you kind of try to fight a little bit smarter and better instead of going all out. Kind of the three strikes and you’re out mindset. It’s not always the case, but you kind of try to stay in that position.
Alexis Davis
Professional Record: 11-5-0, 2 KO’s, 5 Submissions
LOSS Sarah Kaufman Mar / 3 / 2012 Decision (Majority)
WIN Amanda Nunes Sep / 10 / 2011 TKO (Punches)
WIN Julie Kedzie Jul / 30 / 2011 Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Tonya Evinger Nov / 6 / 2010 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
LOSS Elaina Maxwell Aug / 28 / 2010 Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Tonya Evinger May / 8 / 2010 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
LOSS Shayna Baszler Mar / 27 / 2010 Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Molly Helsel Oct / 10 / 2009 Decision (Unanimous)
LOSS Tara LaRosa Jan / 23 / 2009 TKO (Doctor Stoppage)
WIN Margarita Kolmykova Nov / 29 / 2008 Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
WIN Kate Roy Jun / 27 / 2008 Submission (Armbar)
WIN Lizbeth Carreiro Apr / 3 / 2008 Decision (Unanimous)
WIN Valerie Letourneau Dec / 14 / 2007 Decision (Split)
WIN Tannaya Hantelman Oct / 20 / 2007 Submission (Armbar)
WIN Jody Wadsworth May / 6 / 2007 TKO (Punches)
LOSS Sarah Kaufman Apr / 7 / 2007 TKO (Punches)

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