Thursday, July 26, 2012

ASMM Signs Amateur Standout; Taylor"No Mercy" Stratford

We are very happy to  have finally signed Taylor Stratford. Taylor Stratford has a had a long and very successful amateur career.She is well know in the woman's MMA amateur arena. Her only loss comes at the hands of Ronda Rousey in January of 2011 at premier amateur promotion Tuff-N-Uff. Taylor is currently has a 9-1 record.
She is a top ranked amateur female at 145 lbs and is known for her prowess, power and tenacity. She has however been inactive over the last year because of other professional and personal commitments.

"We have had our eye on Taylor Stratford for a very long time and we've always been interested in signing her but she was committed otherwise. That is no longer the case and we are happy to have her aboard. She is making some changes in her life as far as the fighting career goes with a change in camps, location and coaches. Taylor is making the move to northern California from Nevada to train with Dana Morrissey. The change will be just what she needs to elevate her skill level in line to starting a pro career.

We feel about Taylor as we do with all of the athletes we represent. At certain times in their career they need to build it for a variety of reasons and in Taylor's case, we feel that attention must be made to her opponents and getting her matched appropriately. We carry this same school of thought in the cases specifically of Jessamyn Duke and Liz McCarthy. With Taylor also she has allot of natural ability and talent that she demonstrates but once she is able to explore what's out there in terms of rounding her skill-set out, we feel that she has a very solid future in the sport for as long as she cares to be involved in it.

We do have some fights on the table for her currently. We just need to sit down and see whats right for her. She has been inactive for some time and we need to see where she is at. We do know that Taylor wants to be active and busy. She wants to put the time in and be the best she can be. I feel that Taylor is making the transition to California will be great for her career and focus."

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