Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ASMM Signs Freshman Professional Standout Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant

ASMM has signed straw-weight freshman professional Paige Van Zant. Paige recently came to notoriety after her high profile split decision win over Jordan Gaza in UWF - Tournament of Warriors Finale in Texas last month. 

Van Zant is currently in the process of moving to Las Vegas, NV to train. She is currently looking at the many options open in training centers to train in there but it appears that John Wood's Throwdown Gym may be the choice she makes in making a home. Throwdown currently houses a number of elite woman athletes such as Amanda Lucas, Colleen Schneider and Michele Gutierrez. 

Van Zant had a very short career as an amateur with one fight. She was offered the Gaza fight and took it. She performed with that of a professional demeanor, maintaining composure, heart and stuck to the game plan of which her corner. 

"When I saw Paige's fight with Jordan, I knew that it was her pro debut but was not acutely aware that she had only one amateur bout in her career aside from that. There was a point in the second round I believe that  Gaza had sunk a choke, Taylor Stratford was in her corner yelling at her that the round was ending and to hold on. That along with her skill set on the ground and her stand-up demonstrated to me that she was another exception rather than the rule in up and coming female talent. 

She had made a decision to move from Reno, NV to Las Vegas to focus 100% on developing her skill set by surrounding herself with elite coaches and training partners. In that commitment alone along with her performance sold us on her as an athlete that would fit into our roster of elite female athletes.

I had various conversions with her about what her goals were and what she hoped to achieve in her career. Paige again reinforced to me that she wanted to do whatever she had to do be reach the level of the best in the world at straw-weight

We are very happy to be working with Paige and see great things and opportunities in her future"

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