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Damon Martin: Anderson Silva Unleashed: Full Transcript with Translations from UFC 148 Media Call

As UFC 148 approached, most people expected the same type of pre-fight banter between champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen.
Sonnen would unleash his normal verbal barrage attacking Silva at every turn, attacking him personally, professionally and even taking pot shots at his home country of Brazil, and in turn the champion would scoff at Sonnen’s outrageous statements and wait untl the fight to show what he’s really made of.
Well that all changed this past Monday when Silva turned the tables on Sonnen and changed a routine pre-fight media conference call into the Anderson Silva show complete with threats that ranged from sending Sonnen to the emergency room to the fact that what he’s about to do on July 7 will forever change the way people look at MMA.
Here is the full transcript of the questions and answers with Anderson Silva with exact translations from Portuguese to English as provided by Brazilian reporter Fernando Kallas:
Question: Some of things Chael has said things like he didn’t know that they had the internet in Brazil, are clearly supposed to be ironic, but did he step over the line when he talked about your wife?
Anderson Silva: This dude is a criminal! He’s the scum of our sport. This dude doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC. He he’s a guy who had problems with the law in America. A guy who got caught on doping. A guy that doesn’t respect anything. This dude is an imbecile! And on the 7th of July I’m gonna break his entire face and all his teeth. I’m gonna rip all his teeth out of his mouth.
Question: Anderson looking back at that first fight against Chael do you believe you took him lightly in that fight, why was it such a difficult fight for you until the fifth round?
Anderson Silva: Listen, who lives out from the past are museums. I don’t live in the past. I’m gonna beat him again. There is not much to talk. I’m going to give him a beating! He’s listening, the time for the child to play is over. It doesn’t matter if he keeps saying silly things and whatever else he wants to say now. Talk is over. We are getting closer to the the time of truth. And I’m not hurt, I’m 100%… I’m gonna break his face! I’m gonna expel him from the UFC! He’s gonna have a beating like he never had in his life. I’m gonna beat him so he can learn some matters. I’m gonna give him the beating that his mummy and daddy should have gave him when he was a kid so he can learn some matters. Learn to respect other people and other countries!
Question: The first fight with Chael one of the surprising things was how much he outstruck you several times in the fight because you’re considered the top striker in the UFC, so I’m sure you’ll adjust to that, but how will you keep from being underneath him with Chael Sonnen on top of you for the better part of 4 ½ rounds?
Anderson Silva: Listen, from the bottom, the top, the side, on our feet… I’m going to beat him again. This time he’s gonna get beat up! Beat up! The small talk is over. When we get inside the cage, he’s gonna swallow everyone of his teeth. I’m gonna rip tooth from tooth from his mouth. Everyone of them! After I finish, a lot of people are going to be scared about the path that our sport is going to take. I’m dedicated, focus, prepared and, most of all, on a mission to make something that anybody did before at the UFC: break every single bone of Sonnen’s body. He’s gonna walk out with his face broken, arms broken, legs broken. I’m gonna break him up entirely. He’s listening. He’s gonna get his ass kicked. He’s gonna get a beatdown. He’ll need a stretch to get out from the octagon!
Question: Anderson obviously this stuff with Chael has been very personal over the last couple of years, but for you personally where does this fight rank in your legacy of the sport?
Anderson Silva: He didn’t affect me on my personal life. It’s all business. It’s professional fighting and I’m gonna get his ass kicked and give him a beatdown anyway. He’s gonna learn to respect Brazil, our fighters and the people that made and developed the sport that he practice. And forget about his wrestling. I’m gonna beat him up! Beat him up! I’m gonna break him up! This guy is a thug, a bum, a punk and I’m gonna give him a beating like he never got in his life. I’m gonna beat him because his mother never beat him. Never educated him.
So I’m gonna beat him up, I’m gonna rip his teeth off, I’m gonna break his arms and his legs. This dude will never talk trash about another fighter. I’m gonna break him up! You guys are not understanding what I’m saying, please pay attention, I’m serious, you guys can’t imagine what is going to happen. The time for playing is over! No more playing around! No more mister nice guy. He is going to be beat up! No more talk. Now is time for ass kicking! For brawling! He never had his ass kicked like i’m gonna do.
Question: In the documentary ‘Like Water’ we saw a much different build up to the last fight, what’s the biggest difference in your mindset now versus let’s say when you were doing that documentary leading into that fight?
Anderson Silva: It won’t be much different from the last fight. Last time he lost. Now, he’s going to lose and he’ll leave the cage all broken up. He’ll need plastic surgery!
Full UFC 148 Media Conference Call below:

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