Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dana White: Tim Sylvia Not Signed to Strikeforce

Tim Sylvia
Tim Sylvia
Jul 21, 2012 - Tim Sylvia remains on the outside looking in.
Just hours after it was reported that the former UFC heavyweight champion had agreed to a contract to fight Daniel Cormier on Sept. 29 in Strikeforce, UFC president Dana White confirmed with that Sylvia had not in fact signed with the organization.
"Long story," he was quoted as saying, "but yes, Tim is not with Zuffa."
There were serious talks within the organization about bringing in Sylvia to fight Cormier, but in the end those plans never came to fruition.
Sylvia had been campaigning all year for another shot in the UFC, but White has said repeatedly, as recently as Thursday, that would not be returning to either Strikeforce or the UFC.

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