Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shayna Baszler Invicta 2 Interview

Talk MMA Radio interviewed Invicta 2 Main Event Fighter Shayna Baszler who is preparing to fight unbeaten Sara McMann. Highlights of the interview were: She hasn't fought since 2010 because she had three fights scheduled but they didn't work out. She has done hard training camps for two of those fights, so she hasn't had much downtime. She was meant to fight Alexis Davis (who she beat before) but Strikeforce called Davis up to their event. Also she was meant to fight Kelly Kobold, when it was cancelled they tried to get the fight onto the Invicta 1 card. She says that Invicta is the best promotion she's ever dealt with and she's able to just concentrate on training. Shayna thinks Ronda Rousey is 'Badass' in the way she has built up her name and also in the way she fights. Also Shayna realizes that fans want to see good looking women fighting, eg the Anna Kournikova effect in Tennis.

The interview starts around the 21 minute mark, link below.

Link: Talk MMA Radio

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