Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yana Kunitskaya vs Danielle West - July 6th at Gladiator World Cup

One of the most exciting prospects in women's MMA, Russian Fighter Yana Kunitskaya (8-1, ranked 2nd 145lbs) will be facing Danielle West (4-3) at the Gladiator World Cup tomorrow. Kunitskaya is currently on a 6 fight winning streak though she has been facing a lot of unexperienced opponents. Her biggest win to date was against Cindy Dandois who is a very capable grappler but for some reason in that fight adopted a strange stand-up style. The tactic got Dandois TKO'd in 34 seconds and let Kunitskaya utilize the best part of her game. Kunitskaya has six TKO wins out of her eight victories. Also Kunitskaya is only 22 and has been fighting for 3 years.

Kunitskaya's opponent England's Danielle West should be a tough test for her. West is a lot better than her 4-3 record suggests, in her last fight she suffered defeat because of a bad stoppage against Milana Dudieva. West was defending herself after recovering from being rocked by her opponent. West holds a draw against Rin Nakai in a close fight where you could make an argument that West won. An interesting fact is that West holds two wins against Maria Hougaard Nielson who is the only fighter to beat Kunitskaya.

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