Saturday, August 4, 2012

FOX Headliners Talk About the UFC Explosion -WSJ

Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight fighters Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Brandon Vera talk to the WSJ's Lee Hawkins about the UFC's "marketing machine" and UFC president Dana White's recent statement that they are among four fighters who could become the challengers to UFC superstar Jon Jones for his title. The two men talked at length with Hawkins about their careers, the rise of mixed martial arts, and the business of the UFC. The interviews with Rua and Vera follow Hawkins's recent in-depth on-camera with UFC moguls White and Lorenzo Fertitta, in which the two executives revealed their plans for breaking UFC into new global territories. In his pre-fight interview, Vera said he believes the UFC is now bigger than the National Football League. The UFC's fights are broadcast on Fox. Fox and the Wall Street Journal are owned by Newscorp.

Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta:

John Cholish:

UFC Bigger Than the NFL

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