Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jared Hamman Follows the Nick Diaz Philosophy of How to Fight

Jared Hamman at UFC 105
It’s hard to put together a long winning streak in the UFC.
Unless your name is Anderson Silva or Jon Jones, putting together a streak of victories longer than four or five just doesn’t happen very often inside the Octagon.
Jared Hamman has learned that lesson all too well. Since debuting in the UFC, Hamman has bounced back and forth between wins and losses, and while he’s enjoyed the benefits of taking home some post fight bonuses, his end goal is still racking up more wins than losses.
He does believe however that everything happens for a reason and the journey is sometimes as important as the destination.
“It is a hard. It’s been stinking frustrating getting a win, getting a loss, then getting a win, getting a loss, but to me there is always a God given purpose for everything and I’ve learned more from my losses, not just in fighting but in life. So whether this is my last fight ever or I fight 10 more times, I’ve learned so much through the journey of MMA that it’s all been worth it,” Hamman told MMAWeekly Radio.
“Winning and losing, this whole journey has taught me a lot about myself. It’s been a great ride.”
Still, Hamman knows that any fighter isn’t satisfied with just being a part of great fights, they want to win those great fights. To help make those adjustments, Hamman has relocated to Colorado where he started working full time at the Grudge Training Center along fighters like Nate Marquardt, Brendan Schaub and Shane Carwin.
The changes have forced him to become a better fighter and he hopes the results show this weekend at UFC 150 in Denver.
“For me, I’ve always tried to push it, push it, push it and go and fight, but now dealing with this new camp, and my old coaches Vladimir Matyushenko and Antoni Hardonk told me you have to be technical. They tried to instill that in me, but being around all these really, really good sharp fighters forced me to be more technical and forced me to be more professional about everything,” said Hamman.
Wins are absolutely important to Hamman, but he also wants to know he’s been in a fight when it’s over. He wants finishes, not judges’ decisions and sometimes taking those chances cost you a win here or there.
It’s the philosophy of Nick Diaz that Hamman follows, and with a few tweaks he’s hoping that the results will be exciting fights, big finishes and a lot of wins.
“I think that is the fighter’s mentality. I think it was Nick Diaz who said I don’t want to go win a slap boxing contest, I want to win a fight. To me, that’s finishing fights. If you look at my records and my stats, I think I only have one decision if I remember right, and I want to keep it that way. To me that’s fun, to me that’s entertaining. I want to see guys finish fights,” Hamman said.
“Now I’m just trying to not get hit as much getting to that outcome.”

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