Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ronda Rousey training with her Coach Leo Frincu

This is an interesting short video of Ronda training, it also has her Coach Leo Frincu explaining his theories behind how he trains her.


- Ronda doing a whole array of different training techniques.

- Leo talks about finding the balance between working someone hard and knowing when to stop.

- How to motivate an athlete to help her grow by seeking perfection.

(Click for full size video)

Simona Soukupova Interview

This interview by Cage Queen, was held before yesterday's fight between Simona and Felice Herrig. She talks about preparing for the fight.

She definately wasn't far behind Herrig ability wise and with more training to learn how to deal with counterpunching she she should be more than competitive against good level opponents. Also a move to 105 lbs could also help her.

For the full interview: Cage Queen

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