Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carla Esparza Interview/training

Carla will be facing Sarah Schneider at Invicta FC 2 on July 28th.

Highlights of the video:

- Sarah Schneider will be a good opponent as she has faced some quality opponents, including Megumi Fujii who they both have faced.

- We get to see Carla throw some guy around in grappling training. (She has the potential to be the best grappler in Women's MMA, if she isn't already. Also she has added some nasty Ground N' Pound).

- She's had a thousand wrestling matches, and wrestled in the boys team.

- Also we get to see her training striking.

Carla has the potential to be the best fighter at 115lbs within the next year or two. Hopefully soon we'll get to see rematches against Megumi Fujii and Jessica Aguilar. Also with Ayaka Hamasaki now in Invicta, this could also be a great fight. Obviously first she has a date with Sarah Schneider who is already 1-0 in Invicta with a submission victory against Sally Krumdiack.

(Click for full sized video)

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