Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jewels 20th Ring - MMA Event in Progress

Jewels' 20th Event has already started, sadly they are never streamed and their fights are not released online. While Jewels have not grown much bigger than when they started they have kept women's MMA alive in Japan and have helped the rise of talents like Naho Sugiyama and Ayaka Hamasaki.

The fight card is:

Mei Yamaguchi 9-4-1 vs Emi Tomimatsu 5-4

Shizuka Sugiyama 6-3 vs Megumi Yabushita 19-19

Yasuko Tamada 12-8-3 vs Naoko Omuro 13-8-4

Yukiko Seki 11-21 vs Satomi Takano 0-0

Naomi Taniyama 0-0 vs Nana Ichikawa 0-12

Link for live Play-by-Play: MMA Rising

Click For More Pics and Vids Of Mei Yamaguchi

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