Thursday, July 19, 2012

Munah Holland vs Carina Damm Fight Review and Video

This year has already been the best year for women's MMA, there have been 4 or 5 fight of the year candidates and for me this fight deserves to join the list.

Round 1

Munah Holland get's the first big strike in, knocking Carina Damm down with a big right punch. For the rest of the round Damm managed to control Holland. This included taking her back and going for the Rear-Naked-Choke. Holland did a great job of fighting off Damm's submission attempts, showing some much improved defense from her back, including a very useful high guard. While Damm deserved to win the round, she was noticably tired by the end after controlling Holland and even slamming her.

Round 2

In the second round Holland took over, being able to use her superior boxing technique. She was quicker and more accurate than Damm and eventually the power in her strikes would be too much for her opponent. One of the things I liked about the fight is Damm didn't try and ride out the round by continuously shooting on her opponent or pushing her up against the fence. She stood in there and went toe to toe with Holland and landed some good strikes of her own before succumbing to the superior striking of her opponent.

Munah Holland wins by KO in the second round.

This is one of those fights that had a little bit of everything, both fighters were continously trying to finish the fight before it finished with a highlight reel KO and a great cheer from the crowd. This kind of fight is why I love this sport, both fighters should be commended. The video is below.

(Click for full size video)

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