Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paige VanZant vs Jordan Nicole Gaza Review and Video

This was a very close fight, VanZant landing more strikes on the feet and looking a little bit stronger standing as she was able to push Gaza's back against the fence. Though Gaza had the better grappling technique and was able to get the fight to the ground. This is a hard fight to score and who knows what the judges are actually scoring these days.

In the first Round VanZant had better control on the feet and landed multiple knees in the first before Gaza took the fight down. VanZant held onto Gaza, which meant Gaza was not able to do much from top position. Two judges obviously sided with the VanZant's strikes when standing but roll the dice and install different judges and it could have easily been given to Gaza for the takedown and control.

The second round can be split in two, the first half had Gaza attempting a guillotine choke, the second half had VanZant landing some very effective Ground and Pound.

The third round was fairly easy to score in Gaza's favor but VanZant did have a couple of jumping knees as Gaza was trying to take her down. Also Before Gaza got full control on top, VanZant landed a lot of punches to the side of Gaza's head. Gaza was able to dominate the rest of the round attempting submissions before the fight ended with a Rear-Naked-Choke attempt.

This is the kind of fight where you need transparency and consistency in judging because the fight was so close. For me it should be a case of weighing up damage and deeply cinched in submission attempts. Having Judges that have the knowledge to properly judge this and then seeing exactly how they scored the fight would be a refreshing change. Also the fighters would know exactly what scoring system they are fighting under.

Why on earth did this fight have 3 minute rounds, let's see a rematch with 5. Good fight and two exciting additions to the professional ranks of WMMA.
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