Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rin Nakai to Participate in Pancrase 135lbs Women's Tournament

Japanese promotion Pancrase are looking to have Rin Nakai compete in a women's 'Queen of Pancrase' tournament. This could include either 4 or 8 fighters. Rin Nakai has built a very strong following through her entertaining fighting style and sexy photoshoots (She's also the most popular fighter on MMA Vixens).

It's hard to see where Pancrase will get their fighters from because apart from Hitomi Akano and perhaps Kyoko Kimura there aren't many well known Japanese fighters at this weight. The tournament will start September 1st so this could allow for some of the top women who fight for Invicta being able to fight if Pancrase were to strike a deal with the North American women's promotion. It would be nice to see Nakai get a chance to fight against the best in the world in a tournmament full of ranked fighters.

Source: Big Bad Blog

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