Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shannon Knapp and Jessamyne Duke Interviews

Shannon Knapp President of Invicta FC had an interview with MMA Mad House. Highlights were: She says that she had no reason to inflate the numbers of viewers from the first Invicta event, which "Haters" were attacking her for. She believes that women are more emotionally envolved with fighting and they come to fight. She thinks it takes everyone to contribute to help build women's MMA, which she believes is now turning the corner. She doesn't like the idea of having Ring Boys. One of the title fights at Invicta 3 will probably be at 105lbs. (Naho Sugiyama vs Jessica Penne?) Also there may be one more title fight. (I would guess between the most impressive 135lb fighters).

Also interviewed on the show is Jessamyne Duke (5-2 Amateur) who will be facing Suzie Montero (1-0) on the Invicta 2 card.

Full Interview: MMA Mad House

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