Monday, August 13, 2012

Katalina Malungahu 5 Wins 5 T/KOs - Another Exciting Women's Fighter to Watch Out For. (With Fight Videos)

Katalina Malungahu has won all five of her fights by T/KO and I've been dying to see the videos for a long time. Finally her last three fights are now up on Youtube (below) and with the way she fights she's potentially another star in the making. She has some of the best technique in her boxing style I've seen in the women's side of MMA. She has both counterpunching but will also be aggressive when her opponent gives her an opening.

The fight that really impressed me was her Pro debut against Valerie Barney (First Video Underneath). Barney had also won her first 5 fights by T/KO. This was a very even contest until both women go for a punch at the same time with Malungahu being faster and more accurate and rocking her opponent and quickly finishing her. This is a fight I would love to see again as both women are not only talented but aggressive and entertaining. The fight also showed Malungahu can take a punch as moments before she got the KO Barney caught her off balance. Something else that impressed me is that Malungahu has no problem resetting and moving back when she is in a dangerous position.

Sources on the internet have Malungahu's next fight against Roxanne Adams (1-0) at Legacy Fighting Championships on September 14th. Though Malungahu mentioned on her Twitter that she's fighting a 9-1 fighter who has only lost to Ronda Rousey. This would be Taylor Stratford who would be making her pro debut. It would be an amazing fight.

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